Mark Millar photographed for SFX by Adam Gasson.

Recent Work | Mark Millar for SFX

In the not too distant future commissions in Scotland will, technically, be a foreign trip. I easyJetted up to Glasgow recently to photograph Mark Millar, best selling author whose work includes the Kick Ass series, at his home for SFX. It was one of those lovely jobs where I thought I’d get quarter of an hour but ended up with two. Mark was friendly and welcoming, much like Glasgow itself (I wasn’t headbutted once, so I take that to mean the Glaswegians liked me). The full interview with Mark appears in this month’s SFX, which is on sale now.

Lighting wise I packed light as I wanted everything with me on carry on. It’s lit with two speedlites; the increasingly impressive Yongnuo YN-560 III in an umbrella softbox to the front and a bare Canon 580EX II to the rear.

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