Wookey Hole witch, a simple lighting solution / AdamGasson.com

Wookey Hole witch, simple lighting

It’s all too easy to get carried away with lighting, especially on location when, quite often, a simple solution is more effective.

For a lot of situations your lighting will have more effective if it’s complementing the natural light around you. Aside from being easier (the sun is a pretty big light source to use!) it means you end up paying more attention to the basics of composition. If you’re overpowering all the ambient light backgrounds can take a back seat as they fade into darkness.

Despite all the talk about lighting this wasn’t ‘lit’ in a normal sense. The witch, who goes by the name of Neil (which is probably a black magic psuedonym for Bat Boiler), was busy touching up his makeup with a small round mirror. It acted as a reflector, flicking a nice bit of directional light into his face (you can see the catch light on the lower part of his eyes).

So the moral of story… Ditch all your expensive lights and modifiers and buy a make up mirror.

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