Guitarist Presents Acoustic - Autumn 2014 featuring Jason Mraz. Photo by Adam Gasson /

Recent Work | Jason Mraz

“I read that you own an avocado farm” – one of my ‘easing the sitter’ lines I tried on Jason Mraz beforeĀ a quick shoot in London recently.

“It’s a ranch” came the reply. So at least Wikipedia was partly correct.

Jason Mraz, Transmission Studios, London. June 2014. Photo by Adam Gasson /

We ended up talking more about farming and its future than music and guitar playing. Jason seems to care as much about the environment as he does music. I recommended Modern Farmer magazine to him as that follows his ethos quite strongly – and it’s the only farming magazine I could think of.

Jason is the cover feature story in the newly published autumn edition of Guitarist Presents Acoustic. Out now on lovely paper stock.

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson.

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