Helvetic Airways magazine feature by Adam Gasson / adamgasson.com

Recent work – Helvetic Airways

I haven’t posted much on recent work, mainly because I’ve been tied up with even more recent work – more on that soon. The cutting above, featuring author and writer Jules Hardy, is from Helvetic Airways in-flight magazine that will appear in flights into and out of Bristol. The shot used above was taken in Aqua, an Italian restaurant near Jules’s home. Lighting after the break.

I kept the lighting quite simple to fit the style of the magazine, so more of a lifestyle look but one that’s clearly lit. I used two Alien Bee heads in umbrella softboxes to light Jules, one slightly lower (camera right) to fill in shadows. There’s a bare speedlite giving a slight fringe light around Jules’s left arm, which nicely follows the wall lamp in the background. The lighting was balanced with the natural light in the restaurant.

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