Tom Boonen Pro Cycling cover by Adam Gasson

Pro Cycling Tom Boonen cover shoot

Last month I Eurostarred it to Belgium to photograph man-of-the-moment Tom Boonen for Pro Cycling magazine (who use lovely paper stock and pictures well). Eight hours after leaving home I spent ten minutes photographing Tom, had a Belgian lager, which was as far removed from Fosters as you can imagine, and started to make my way back home (as writer Sam prepared to jet off to Turkey for another feature). Lighting chat after the ‘click more’ style link.

Travelling light was a the order of the day, and my back, so the kit choice was based around that. It meant two bodies, a 24-70, 70-200, 100mm f2 and two speedlites as backup in my rucksack. In a case, which I thought was roller but wasn’t – much fun, I had two Quantum Q Flashes and a single Alien Bee 800 with mini Vagabond and two Turbo batteries.

The setup is fairly straightforward, the Alien Bee is shooting into an umbrella softbox and the Q Flashes are either side and slightly behind Tom for a nice fringe light. I was impressed the the Q Flashes having not use them before, nice colour consistency and never missed a shot.

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