Ian Tomlinson, G20 by Adam Gasson / SWNS.com

Portfolio Series #5

Back to photojournalism for this shot taken during the G20 protests in 2009. Mike and myself had spent most of the day avoiding being kettled and shooting the trouble between protestors and riot police. We were calling it a night when, down a side street, we heard glass smashing and scuffles. We went up to investigate and saw one person was on ground. He was being protected by protestors but riot police forced their line up and allowed police medics to treat him. At the time we thought it was nothing too serious. It wasn’t until I was driving home in the early hours, listening to the radio, that it became clear the man we had photographed had passed away. The gentleman in question was Ian Tomlinson. He wasn’t a protestor, he was trying to get home.

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