Stonehenge winter solstice by Adam Gasson /

Portfolio Series #11

Back to the cold again, this time an early morning shot from the winter solstice at Stonehenge. The winter solstice is better than it’s summer sibling for two reasons; One, the sunrise is later so you don’t have to be up all night/sleep in your car. Two, there aren’t burger vans and portaloos catering to a load of ravers (because there are no ravers, they don’t seem to like the cold). The freezing temperatures also reduces the photographer count (we don’t like the cold either). This picture was taken towards the end of the ceremonies after a pretty uneventful sunrise. King Arthur Pendragon was leading a ceremony away from the stones which drew enough of a crowd to make the image work. The Independent ran it on their front page the next day (which was roughly when my toes had thawed).

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