Lotus Evora by Adam Gasson

Lotus Evora

I am, in the UK at least, an average height for a grown man. Despite what my 6 foot plus friends think they are in fact the oddballs within our group. If we all owned a Lotus Evora we could race to see who could get in and buckled up first. I’d back myself, even if it takes quite an effort to clamber into the broad two seater. I’m guessing Lotus’s designers are all of average height as someone blessed in inches certainly wouldn’t have thought the entry system was a good idea. Lighting setup if you click the link.

It was a lovely overcast day when I arrived, perfect for the outdoor shots. When it started to rain I moved the Lotus inside and set up. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out. Rather brightly in fact. So bright that there’s a clear sun beam across the bonnet. As a result the lights were all up to maximum power – two Alien Bee 800W camera right into umbrella softboxes and two 600Ws lights camera left, one in a softbox lighting the front of the car, one in a reflector hitting the back and side. Inside the car is a Metz 48 on half power. All triggered by Yongnuo RF-602.

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