Dallas Green of City and Colour photographed for Total Guitar by Adam Gasson / threesongsnoflash.net

Dallas Green for Total Guitar

If you enjoy driving* then an ideal career for you is that of a freelance photographer. I went up to that there London recently to photograph and film Dallas Green (City and Colour) for Total Guitar. Over four hours driving for half an hour of face time. Now the lucky thing is Dallas’s face time is friendly, funny and helpful so the shoot and filming went really well. Also XFM’s studio space had some cool vinyl brick backdrops. The feature is in the current issue of Total Guitar and the video of Dallas Green performing Of Space and Time is online!

* albeit very slowly in heavy traffic.

Lighting was kept simple due to the fact I’d have to carry everything to the studio from a car park that wasn’t *that* near. Umbrella softbox from the top, slightly camera left, shoot thro umbrella low down camera right (both Alien Bee 800W heads) and a speedlite camera right to give a fringe light on Dallas.

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