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Chris Tremlett sports portrait

Chris Tremlett is a big big man. Not just tall, as most pace bowlers are, but carries the physique of a human who is more likely to ask you to leave a nightclub than ask you if you’d like another cucumber sandwich with tea. Click on through for how this portrait for The Sunday Times is lit…

There are two things I love that have drastically altered how I work. First is off camera flash with an umbrella. Really simple and wonderful light for outdoor portraits (indoors they spill a bit too much). Second, and this is the big one, are Radiopoppers. Canon’s ST-E2 is great until the sun shines, the sun rises, you turn the lights on indoors. Coupled with a ‘Popper though…

So here it’s lit with two lights, a brollied 580EX camera left in TTL mode and a bare 550EX camera right (around 1/4 I think and zoomed to 50mm). Shot using the 24mm f/1.4 L pretty open, around f/2, in high speed sync mode (another Canon and Radiopopper bonus).

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