Thurston Moore photographed at the Fleece, Bristol. Photo by Adam Gasson /

Recent Work | Thurston Moore for Guitarist

Top 5’s. It’s always good to have a ranking system for when you photograph people. Currently Midge Ure is top of the ‘Tea Making Musicians’, edging out Steve Howe. But Steve Howe tops the ‘Best Biscuit Selection’.

Until recently my ‘Tallest Guitarist’ table was headed by Mick Thompson, with band mate Jim Root a very close second. And then Thurston. I’ve never felt every inch of my – technically – average height. Thurston was a lovely guy though, not once mentioning how short I looked to him (I had to stand on a case for most of the shoot).

The full shoot and interview with Thurston Moore is in the current issue of Guitarist.

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson.

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