BMW E30 /

BMW E30 photoshoot

6am, an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning, spent with an old car on an old industrial estate outside of Bristol. Not the setting of Hollywood dreams I’ll admit. Thankfully Paul, the owner of the shiney nice red BMW, brought me an apple from his garden as breakfast.

I’ve always loved cars – harbouring a soft spot for early 80s German box lines. The E30 feels like the last proper 3 series before flowing curves softened the DTM honed looks. So perhaps it’s a logical step that I want to photograph them (that or knowing that a car can’t ask you if you’re finished yet or if it could have another cup of coffee).

The lighting setup is pretty simply, two Alien Bee 400W heads, one into a large 86″ umbrella facing the car, one into a 56″ umbrella camera right. There’s also a bare light camera left to balance it out.

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