Bike wheel lighting setup by Adam Gasson

Bike wheel

Mmmm…. carbon fibre bike wheels…. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep everything you photograph? Unfortunately you can’t (boo). And anyway I don’t ride road bikes as I look ridiculous in lycra. Lighting setup through the door marked ‘click for more’…

Relatively simple although it took me a fair bit of tweaking (and help) to get it right. The main light is a bare Profoto head bounched into a large white reflector to the left of the camera. It isn’t pointed directly at the wheel which has resulted in the details in the carbon fibre to be picked up. This was baffled with black boards to prevent spill. There’s a gridded light hitting the front of the wheel to pick up the details on the leading edge. Finally there’s a single gridded light fired on to the freehub body to lift it slightly. Background is a single gridded head.

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