Heaven Asunder promo shoot by Adam Gasson / threesongsnoflash.net

Band lighting with three lights

Dramatic lighting, three flashes, all pretty easy stuff. No modifiers and no booms means no hassle – especially if you’ve remembered to charge your triggers for once (well done to me). Full lighting setup after the MORE!

Ok, so this is pretty easy to dissect. There’s one light from behind the band (who are Heaven Asunder), dead centre. It’s get a standard 5″ reflector on it so throws the light wide enough to cover the band, but not too wide. Either side of the band, behind the pillars, is an Alien Bee with the standard 7″ reflector. The lighting’s harsh but works as the ambient isn’t and, as a bonus, it really creates a striking image. It also allows you to create a natural vignette, both with the lighting and the composition.

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