See No Evil

Bristol has become synonymous with street art and grafitti over the years - in no small part thanks to its favourite son Banksy. While much of the city is modern and vibrant there are still parts that are a throwback to the terrible town planning and architecture of the 60s. Nelson Street, a desolate barren thoroughfare, was a prime example. High rise flats, an old magistrates' court and car parks made you feel cacooned in a world of concrete as you passed through. In 2012 a plan was hatched to attract people into the area - and See No Evil was the result. It is the biggest open air art gallery in Europe featuring street artists from all over the world and now draws people into a place avoided for years. The stretch was refreshed in 2013 but development since has seen much of the art work removed as buildings come tumbling down.

March 2014

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